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Redundant Power,12V DC/DC Redundant Power,24V DC/DC Redundant Power,48V DC/DC Redundant Power,120V DC/DC
2u 12Vdc input dc2dc ATX 2u 24Vdc input dc2dc ATX 2u 48Vdc input dc2dc ATX 2u 120Vdc input dc2dc ATX 2u 220Vdc input dc2dc ATX
1u 12Vdc input dc2dc ATX 1u 24Vdc input dc2dc ATX 1u 48Vdc input dc2dc ATX 1u 120Vdc input dc2dc ATX 1u 220Vdc input dc2dc ATX
12Vdc input dc2dc ATX PS2 24Vdc Input dc2dc ATX PS2 48Vdc Input dc2dc ATX PS2 120Vdc Input dc2dc ATX PS2 220Vdc Input dc2dc ATX PS2
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We are focused on meeting the needs of VARs customizing industrial PC dc2dc power supply technology. KPz Powertech International has gained a reputation as a dependable supplier of DC to DC power supplies to our rapidly growing list of business partners. It is our simple philosophy that our facilities, equipment, and team members are a seamless extension of your own companies, capabilities and production systems.

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